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If you or your client has been convicted and sentenced but you believe they are partially or fully innocent, we may be able to help. Many people have been wrongly convicted due to the lack of or poor quality of the evidence available at the time of the trial to defend the subject. 
DPM Facts combines more than three decades of experience and a sound knowledge of the criminal justice system with a meticulous and innovative approach; leaving no stone unturned. We work closely with a client, their family and their legal team to establish the parameters of the investigation and deliver a discreet, thorough and tailored service to help secure the most desirable outcome for that client. 
We work methodically and tirelessly to complete all aspects of a post appeal investigation appeal at the earliest opportunity. Often a client may be experiencing a loss of liberty, be unable to trade or have their reputation damaged and there may be time constraints on the appeal process so it’s vital that we deliver a comprehensive investigation at the earliest opportunity. 
Our considerable experience in this field, blended approach and use of state-of-art technology ensure we are well placed to assist. Our post appeal investigations can involve any or all of the following: 
• Case building 
• Analysing court documents including transcripts, communications and pre-trial disclosure papers 
• New Evidence Gathering Intelligence gathering 
• Reviewing existing evidence and searching for new, previously undisclosed evidence 
• Interviewing 
• Taking witness statements 
• Research 
• Reconstructions 
• Finding new witnesses 
• Pursuing new lines of investigation 
• Provide advice and recommendations 
• Examine all available scenarios 
• Present all documents in court-admissible formats 
It is vital to engage professional services for a post appeal investigation to give you or your client the best chance of a favourable outcome. A poorly submitted appeal in itself can make the chance of a second appeal unlikely so it’s very important to put together the most compelling case first time around. 
To discuss your specific requirements in complete confidence please call +44 (0) 1474 833005 or email 
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