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"During my divorce, I needed a trustworthy and efficient process server to help deliver some documents to the respondent. I found out about Michael and DPM Facts through my online research and their website really prompted me to reach out to them because it was extremely informative and simple to understand. 
My first impression of DPM was that they are highly professional and empathetic towards their clients' situation. In their initial email, they fully disclosed all the necessary information such as fees and timeframes.  
DPM helped me during the most difficult and stressful time of my life and I am forever grateful. I appreciate their constant reassurance and quick replies to emails. 
Without a doubt, I would use their services again if needed and I would definitely recommend their services to others. " 
BA, Croydon 
May 2021 
"I was so lucky when I opened the Yellow Pages and found this [DPM Facts Ltd] company. Anything could have happened but I feel like I bought a winning lottery ticket with the help given. I was a complete mess and in the middle of something of a crisis last year. It may well have been a client relationship, however the support I was shown went over and above. In fact it made a massive difference. I couldn't have gotten through what I was going through with better care and understanding." 
Client preferred to withhold their name 
April 2021 
“I had court proceeding documents which needed to be personally and professionally served upon my ex-wife, so I looked online for an organisation in my area that was experienced in process service. DPM Facts came up on my search and my first impression was that they were brilliant – very helpful and accommodating. 
I was told the fee from the outset which was very reasonable, and Michael even travelled to me to collect everything at no extra charge. 
Michael then served the court documents to my ex-wife the next day and filed proof of service to the court immediately. 
I was extremely happy with DPM’s work and could not have asked for a more professional, punctual and friendly service. I have a further court hearing coming up in the near future and DPM Facts will most certainly be hearing from me again.” 
PB, Edenbridge 
November 2020 
“I met Michael at a Business Network some years ago and while he is now no longer part of the group, I remembered being impressed by him and what he did. 
“I own a property which is let out to tenants. A complaint had been alleged against a particular tenant that they were using an illegal drug on the property. A verbal warning did not make a difference to the tenant’s behaviour and the complaints continued. I didn't know how to handle the situation and contacted Michael for advice. His experience in the Metropolitan Police with drug crimes, and as a landlord himself, was the perfect combination of knowledge and experience. 
“Michael was helpful and reassuring. An investigation had to take place and throughout Michael was professional, reliable and organised, as well as cool, calm and collected - which I definitely needed, as the worry was keeping me awake at night. 
“The investigation was aimed at trying to gather evidence to prove the tenant was acting illegally. This was complicated by the whole country going into Lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, and the tenant being at the house most of the time. 
“Evidence and witness statements were gathered and filed and the tenant was given notice to leave the property. 
“I was very happy with the work done and not only the evidence gathered but the professional and reassuring way that Michael dealt with it, as the worry over the situation was as much of an issue as the situation itself. Michael was very pragmatic and solution-focused and with daily complaints about the tenant, it was amazing to have him there to effectively hold my hand through the process. 
“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michael and his services to others and would definitely use DPM Facts again. 
“Thank you so much Michael.” 
MD, Whitstable 
July 2020 
“I used DPM Facts to serve a non-molestation order on a violent partner who had smashed his way into my house and threatened to harm me. 
“I had obtained the order quickly, through the family court, but because of the Covid-19 lockdown, everything had been done by e-mail and I had absolutely no idea of the process of serving an order. In spite of spending 4 hours on the phone trying to get some advice and understanding about what needed to happen next, I couldn’t speak to anyone at the court, so didn’t know what I need to do to feel safe. 
“Calling DPM in desperation really, I found that my call was returned quickly, and the entire process was explained to me, so that I did understand both the court papers, the order, and what 'serving it' meant and entailed. 
“DPM Facts were totally transparent about their costs, which I actually felt were very reasonable, and invoicing was clear, and as quoted. 
“Everything was made really easy by DPM, who did indeed serve the order very promptly and communicated everything to me promptly by text. They also took great care to check that I felt safe, advised me what action I should take if I didn’t and I found their manner and experience reassuring and everything that was done was very sensitively handled. 
“I hope that I don’t need to use them again, but if I did, then I wouldn’t hesitate. Very professional, sensitive and thorough. 
“Thank you”  
CA, Essex 
May 2020 
“As the director of an Australian investigation and security company often requiring investigations to be conducted in the United Kingdom and Europe, I can personally attest to the professionalism and reliability of Michael and the team at DPM Facts Ltd. We have been working closely with DPM Facts Ltd for many years and have found them always ready to take on any kind of work required by us for the United Kingdom and Europe. Whether it be to locate a missing debtor, serve documents or investigate a fraudulent insurance claim, we know we can rely on DPM Facts Ltd to be reliable, confidential, professional and discreet with the delivery of all their services. Thank you Michael and team for your support over the years. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone requiring your services.” 
Rafe MacLennan | Director | AOSG 
“Michael is an extremely detail orientated investigator with many years of experience at the highest level. His experience and integrity are some of his strongest assets. Strongly recommended by us for various types of investigations.” 
Trace Anyone, UK Based Tracing Agency 
“Highly recommended and professional at all times.” 
Geoff Mitchell, Managing Director at National Facilities Management Ltd 
“Michael is an honest and reliable person who I am proud to say although we have never met I believe that we are good friends. Michael is a good man.” 
Rick Howatson, International Private Investigator and Process server. 
Our testimonials come from a variety of sources including LinkedIn, Google and emailed directly. As you can imagine some people wish to remain anonymous. If you have any questions about our testimonials, please contact us
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