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As part of an investigation into an offence there may be a requirement for examination into the subject’s activity prior to the offence and in the aftermath to build a fuller picture of what has happened, how and why. The early stages of an investigation are crucial in uncovering vital evidence whilst it still exists and eliminating errors which may take enquiries in the wrong direction with potentially disastrous consequences. DPM Facts combines more than four decades of experience and a sound knowledge of the criminal justice system with a meticulous and innovative approach; leaving no stone unturned. 
We work closely with a client and their legal team to establish the parameters of the case and deliver a bespoke investigative service towards the most desirable outcome for that client which may include helping to secure a conviction, alternative disposal of a criminal charge or discontinuance of a criminal charge. 
As well as including thorough investigations tailored to the individual needs of the client, DPM Facts can also provide pre-charge advice, challenging illegal searches and arrests, assessing evidence, illuminating flaws in the evidence and addressing legal errors by the investigators or prosecutors involved in the case. Early investigative intervention is essential to achieve the best possible outcome. With regard to corporate investigations we may be able to help secure the early return of seized property and challenge cash seizures and restraining orders which might otherwise stop a business from continuing to operate. 
DPM Facts operatives are highly experienced in gathering and reviewing evidence, conducting interviews and providing appropriate documentation in court-admissible formats to support the client’s assertions. 
Whatever stage in the prosecution process you or your client are at, contact DPM Facts today in complete confidence. To discuss your specific requirements please call +44 (0)1474 833005 or email 
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