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Not home? Where can you be served court papers and are you able to avoid them? 
At DPM Facts, our utmost priority is to maintain discretion when serving court papers. Typically, this involves delivering legal documents to a person at their home, but we are well versed in serving papers in a variety of locations, including, and most recently, to a defendant in hospital. 
That may seem rather surprising, but in cases where individuals have previously evaded process service, this might be the only option to guarantee they receive them. 
Why serve papers in unusual places? 
When one party initiates a claim or legal action against another, it is vitally important that all relevant documentation is served to that party in a timely manner. 
If the intended recipient of court papers actively avoids having papers served on them, it can lead to both time and financial costs and potentially disrupts court proceedings. 
DPM Facts, like other professional Process Servers, will endeavour to serve papers to a recipient at their home address. However, if the person filing the court proceedings doesn’t know the address of the recipient, or if the recipient is actively avoiding a Process Server, they can undertake what is known as an alternative or substituted service. 
This entails the delivery of a claim at an alternative location or through an alternative method, such as the recipient's place of work, a hospital, or via the postal service, email, or even through app and social media messaging platforms. 
Serving papers at a hospital or workplace is not the preferred method, but by engaging a professional Process Server such as DPM Facts, well-versed in the Rules and Practices of the Ministry of Justice, you can be assured of a timely and court approved delivery of legal documents. 
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DPM Facts serves court papers all over the UK and Internationally. It works with private, legal and corporate clients, and provides outsource support to other Process Servers. 
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