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What does it mean to be served court papers? 
Being served legal papers means that you have been formally advised that court proceedings have been filed against you. This notification is typically carried out in person by a Process Server, such as by a professional from DPM Facts. 
Receiving court papers is a crucial step in the legal process which should not be ignored. It serves as a clear indication that legal action is being taken against you and provides you with the opportunity to respond in court. 
Can I refuse to accept court papers? 
You cannot refuse to accept court papers and you can’t evade being served. Contrary to the scenes from old TV dramas, a Process Server is not obligated to place the papers in your hand while declaring: “you’ve been served”. 
Attempting to avoid receiving court papers is futile. A Process Server has various means to serve them upon you. As long as they can establish your identity, they can simply put them on your doorstep or the ground in front of you.  
They can trace you to other locations, including other residences, your place of work, or other businesses and public buildings. As a last resort, a Process Server can serve the papers by phone, through a third party, via a newspaper advert or even through social media, such as WhatsApp. 
Regardless of the chosen method, it is essential to provide proof of service in the form of a statement or affidavit to ensure the validity of the process. For this reason, it’s extremely important to use a professional and experienced Process Server. 
DPM Facts is well-versed in the Civil Procedure Rules governing civil litigation in England and Wales, as well as the options available for serving court papers to elusive respondents. With decades of police and investigations experience, DPM Facts is uniquely placed to provide a fast and efficient service, ensuring that nothing holds up important court proceedings. 
DPM Facts serves court papers all over the UK and Internationally. It works with private, legal and corporate clients, and provides outsource support to other Process Servers. 
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