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Whether you’re looking to track your organisation’s entire fleet or need specific surveillance on a subject engaging in irregular activity, we have the expertise, state-of-the-art techniques and very latest technology to assist. Our tracking systems provide comprehensive, twenty-four hour, real-time reporting on routes, destinations and timings which can be used as corroborative evidence in a court of law or followed up through your own internal corporate procedures. 
Vehicle tracking is ideal for international importation / exportation, e.g. the tracking of high-risk, high-value goods and for time-sensitive material such as new releases in the audio / visual market, such as games, films and CDs that are embargoed. Tracking can also be utilised for personal safety including high profile individuals, family members suffering from a mental illness such as dementia and others who require close monitoring / protection. There are no limits on our tracking facilities’ ability to provide up to date information about the asset(s) you are protecting. 
We can provide fleet tracking as a standalone service or as part of a bespoke business protection and security package. DPM Fact’s services provide much more than just a tracking device. Our team will assess your individual or organisation’s needs, provide a bespoke, compliant service and provide reporting analysis with recommendations helping to protect you and your organisation as well as identifying any breaches or unusual behaviour. 
Fleet tracking 
Providing your team with company vehicles can be essential to your business but it can also provide opportunities for abuse. Employees may be casually making non-business journeys in or out of working hours, claiming for overtime not worked, taking unauthorised breaks, speeding or not using approved routes which can all cost your business in time, fuel, lost earnings, wear and tear. 
Your company vehicles could also be used in other business activities. Often referred to as “moonlighting,” your employees could be operating a taxi or delivery service using a company vehicle especially in an age where it has become so much easier for private individuals to trade in these environments. Worst still, company vehicles could be being used for criminal activity, such as robbery, deception or human trafficking so it’s important to track your fleet on an on-going basis. 
Declaring tracking devices on company vehicles is vital. Under the new GDPR legislation, employers must obtain explicit permission to track an employee’s vehicle. If this is not in place, any subsequent evidence of wrong doing is likely to be inadmissible in court. However, employee awareness of a tracking device can act as a sufficient deterrent to ill-advised employee behaviour and the detailed reporting will soon highlight any unusual behaviour which can then be quickly followed up  
on. it. 
Individual vehicle tracking 
If a family member, partner or employee is displaying unexplained or suspicious behaviour such as journeys taking longer than they should, unusual timings, unexplained frequent journeys to the same location or to an illogical destination, our vehicle tracking services may be able to provide you with some of the answers. Often used in personal and business partner investigations, the DPM Facts tracking services will implement discreet, ‘round-the-clock’ surveillance of the subject to determine destinations, routes, frequency and duration providing a clearer picture of their behaviour. We will work with you in seeking the information you require. 
This may provide everything you need or form part of a wider surveillance exercise. Our discreet services can be tailored to your individual requirements. 
To discuss your vehicle or individual tracking requirements in complete confidence please call +44 (0) 1474 833005 today or  
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