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DPM Facts is highly experienced in all types of surveillance and observation. Our skills, expertise and experience combine to deliver effective observational services tailored to your requirements. Our highly trained and efficient team use a variety of approaches with state-of-the-art equipment including cameras, listening devices, positioning systems, wireless transmitters and other spyware to deliver comprehensive mobile and static surveillance of the person or persons of interest. Surveillance and observation of people, property, vehicles and systems can illuminate unlawful activity, help remove the problem and keep your family, business and/or organisation safe. 
Civil, corporate and criminal investigations can be undertaken. Surveillance and observational techniques are used in a variety of cases including protection of disputed goods, alleged infidelity, child custody, safety breaches, missing persons/animals, benefit/insurance claims, theft and deception. They can also be used as preventative measures, to implement home debugging, protective services (humans and animals), computer system analysis and as part of security risk assessments. 
Whether monitoring the subject(s) in person or electronically, we operate with the utmost discretion and in complete confidence. We assess the client’s individual needs then develop a bespoke plan of action with them, to obtain the desired intelligence in the most appropriate manner. We will outline where relevant what will take place during the investigation and discuss what the client can expect. 
DPM Facts will provide you with robust, indisputable corroborative evidence in court-admissible formats to help secure successful outcomes and conclusions to the project tasks. 
Surveillance and observation may be used alone or as part of a wider programme of investigation. 
To discuss your specific requirements in complete confidence please call +44 (0)1474 833005 or email 
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