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At DPM Facts Ltd we have decades of police and private investigation experience in tracing missing persons. We understand that people have a variety of legitimate reasons for searching for others; whether trying to find a loved one who has disappeared, seeking an estranged friend or relative or looking for birth parents. 
With any missing person’s case, the smallest detail can be important. We will work with you to find the subject quickly as possible using a variety of permissible investigative techniques, including searching available records, speaking with friends and family and carrying out searches of their last known whereabouts in compliance with the latest data protection and privacy laws. 
When we have traced the missing person, we will either provide you with their contact details or contact the person on your behalf and arrange to set up a meeting or provide a message from the person sought to give a degree of understanding to the concerned who initiate the enquiry. Our professional investigators have an excellent track record in locating missing persons not just in the UK but across the globe. 
Our ethical standards are always at the forefront of our investigation as some people for their own best reason do not want further to contact with their family.  
Debt tracing or skip tracing 
DPM are highly skilled, experienced and resourced in debt or ‘skip’ tracing with a current success rate of 96.8% across a varied client base. Using similar but more extensive methods to those used to search for missing persons and with greater access to international databases establishing the location of debtors across the globe. This is in line with our Data Protection Act registration classification which allows us access to trace debtors. 
We can also access the Personal Credit Data of subjects of debt and civil recovery if compliance is achieved. 
If you would like to discuss our services in complete confidence, please call +44 (0) 1474 833005 or email 
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