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Before you ask what is a process server, you probably need to ask why do I need one? 
If you are making a claim or taking legal action against another person or party, you need to guarantee that they are made aware of this to ensure that if they don’t turn up in court, they cannot use ignorance as a defence. 
It’s vitally important that documentation relating to the legal action is delivered (served) to the correct person and that this is recorded. The Law states that the person or party must be notified in person, so an email, letter or phone call definitely will not do. 
A process server is a third party who is trained to deliver court papers and other legal documents into the hands of their intended recipient. They will also provide a statement or sworn affidavit outlining when, where and how the documents were served to prove the named recipient was notified, and this can be used as part of evidence in court cases. 
A trained and experienced process server will deliver a variety of notices from writs, injunctions and court orders to divorce or family proceedings, statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions. They will then prepare the necessary statements of service and/or Affidavits in a court-admissible format, ensuring the law and rules of service are fully observed. 
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